Sunday, November 18, 2007


A trip to the pumpkin farm included a hay ride for (left to right) Nicolas, Benjamin, Paul William, Meg, and Grace.

Here is Gege being a good sport and posing for a picture with Meg, Paul William, Nicolas, and Benjamin.

Paul William loves trains and anything to do with trains. He even makes mom drive by the train yard on the way home from school each day.

He is the little boy with a thousand facial expressions.

Hangin out with Baba!

All I need is George, a bug box and 2 drinks!


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Those are WONDERFUL pics and a GREAT update!
I am so happy to hear how well he is doing in just five short months too!
I hope Paul William is not too scared of Santa since he will be at our FCC Christmas party.
Hope it is OK for me to copy some of those group pics off your blog for our Decatur FCC home page????


Carla said...

Look at that sweet boy!!! You will need to check out Day Out with Thomas that comes near us each May (call me/email me if you want specifics). You can actually MEET Thomas and take a short ride on him. :) Paul William would love it I'm sure.