Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Upset . . . hmmppphh!

Just prior this video Paul William was headed up the sidewalk on his tricycle, or "bicycle" as he calls it. He has a limit as to how far he can go before he must turn around and come back toward the house. As he passed that point I began calling to him to turn around. He didn't, he just looked back, grinned at me and kept going. I started after him and he just pedaled faster. When I caught up to him I turned him around and held the handle bars and told him if he did it again I would put the tricycle up and make him come inside. He then screwed his face up real tight, pointed his finger in my face and said, "I'm gonna tell my momma and you gonna be in trouble!" It was priceless!! I told him to go tell his momma and then the following exchange took place. I wish I had thought to tape the entire exchange but I was more concerned with stopping him.



Anonymous said...

OK, it sounded like he was complaining about the "streets". Potential tax payer or politician?? Way cute. Noah does a pout where he puts his head down on his arms. Too funny. Can't take him seriously when he does that.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Hmmpphhh!! He is so precious!! I LOVE both videos, but this one is my favorite!!

Russ & Lisa W. said...

hahahahahahahaha tooooooo funy!!!!!! He is such a Big Boy!!!

Green, Party of Four said...

He is one determined little boy.....and a cute boy at that. I miss you guys.

Green Party of Four

Denna said...

I love all the videos. He is so cute.