Friday, April 04, 2008

. . . . one bite at a time

From paperwork to travel to arriving home to bonding and attachment the entire process of international adoption can be very overwhelming. The process is long and intimidating and doesn't end when you finally arrive home. This incredible journey just keeps going and going and going.

We are reminded of the question, "how do you eat an elephant?". . . . one bite at a time.

Sunday April 6 2008 marks the 2 year anniversary of our decision to take the first bite. It's really hard to believe that 2 years have passed. At times it seemed as though we would never be seeing Paul William and now it seems he has been here forever. We are lucky beyond description.

What prompted this thought? Well, last night we took another bite. Paul William was lying in bed with mom. They had read their book and mom was going to sleep. Baba walked by the bedroom door and Paul William said, "baba, turn off the light".

What's the significance of a 3 1/2 year old asking his father to turn off the bedroom light? It was the first time. He had never allowed us to turn off the light before he went to sleep. When we first came home we couldn't even turn them off after he went to sleep. He would immediately wake up and demand that we turn them back on.

Some days you take big bites, some days you take little bites and some days your stomach growls all day long.

Last night we took a big bite.

Thanks for checking in.

The Ogle's


The Woodalls said...

Wow, this is awesome!

Your post rings so true.

Hugs to you all,

The Princess's Mommy said...

What a sweet story. It is amazing the change in PW from that first day we saw you all in Guangzhou to the happy-go-lucky little boy we see today!! That smile just makes my heart sing!! Hope to see you again soon!

Kim Kenward said...

That's wonderful progress. I have hope that our sweet Josie will someday move out of our bed into her own. We've been home from China for alittle over a week. Anli and Lifeng couldn't have been nicer. What a great experience with Cradle. Our next steps are correcting her heart condition.

Continued blessings to your family,
Kim Kenward

Green, Party of Four said...

What a joy to read about Paul William and his security with his Mom and Dad. Oh how I remember the first time you showed us his picture. Our babies are growing up. We can wait to see you guys again.

Love to all!
Green Party of Four

Tina said...

How sweet, that brought tears to my eyes! I'm so glad things are going well.
Hope to see you all again soon.

Russ & Lisa W. said...

Paul William is growing up SO FAST!!! It was so good to see you when Noah came home. I was so excited that he let me hold him as long as he did! Can't wait to see you at Kite day! Hope you can make it!!

Love, Lisa & Russ

Denna said...

That is a sweet post. I can't believe how well Paul William is doing and talking. It seems like only yesterday when you guys was showing his picture. I hope I don't have you guys mixed up. I remember we was at the Chinese restaurant in Decatur and somebody was showing a picture of this darling little boy and his name was Paul William. I think it was you guys. He is a handsome boy.