Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Travel Itinerary

Friday June 8
, 10:08 AM Depart Huntsville on Northwest Flight 3722 to Detroit

Route: Huntsville - Detroit - Tokyo - Beijing

Saturday June 9, 9:20 PM Arrive Beijing

Sunday June 10 - Tour Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City in the morning, tour the Temple of Heaven in the afternoon.

Monday June 11 - Tour the Great Wall of China in the morning and tour old Beijing by Rickshaw in the afternoon. Chinese Acrobats show in the evening.

Tuesday June 12 - Tour the Summer Palace in the morning. Flight departs for Chongqing at 4:25 pm arriving in Chongqing at 6:50 pm.

Wednesday June 13 thru Saturday June 16 - Yangtze River tour including 3 Gorges Dam

Saturday June 16 - Arrive Wuhan 12 noon

Sunday June 17 - Tour Wuhan

Monday June 18 - Meet James Paul William Ogle for the first time. (He will be with us from this point on.)

Tuesday June 19 thru Thursday June 21 - Paperwork to complete the adoption and sightseeing in Wuhan.

Friday June 22 - Finalize adoption in the morning then fly to Guangzhou arriving at 6:55 pm

Saturday June 23 - Paul William's U.S. passport photo will be made

Sunday June 24 - Tour Guangzhou

Monday June 25 - Passport application and US Citizenship paperwork turned in to the US Consulate Guangzhou

Tuesday June 26 - Final trip to US Consulate for the oath and to pick up Paul William's US Passport

Wednesday June 27 - Depart Guangzhou at 8:20 am

Route: Guangzhou - Tokyo - Detroit - Huntsville

Wednesday June 27 - Arrive in Huntsville at 4:32 pm (local time) on Northwest flight #2946

The End! Is it really, or is this the beginning?


raabw said...

Mary Louise and Greg,

Even though I've heard your plans, just seeing it here really moves me. Alexa's due date was June 19th even though she hung on until June 28th (which is when you will be back with your new son), so every year at this time I relive what we were doing waiting for her to arrive. You both know that we are SO excited for you and are praying for your safe travels.


triciathompson said...

Mary Louise and Greg:

Congratulations! Your journey is just about to begin. I am so excited for you and for Paul William. He is going to be such a joy. I will be praying for you while you are in China. Sounds like you are going to travel a bit at first to see his country. That is awesome.

I will be praying for Paul William's gotcha day and attachment to you both. Enjoy the first few days with him. Remember everything he will do will be "his firsts with you" The first time you see him walk, the first meal, etc. are all your firsts. Enjoy him. Looking forward to keeping up with your journey.

Love to you all,
Tricia Thompson

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO! We are VERY excited for you! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! Have a wonderful time in China!! We can't wait to see Paul William in your arms!