Friday, June 08, 2007

14 Months Later . . . .

We thought we started this journey 14 months ago. This morning we're not so sure. The real journey begins at 8:30 this morning when we take those first steps out of our door here in Decatur.

It was a late night of packing and checking lists last night. We didn't get a lot of sleep, but hey we don't really have to do anything for the next 24+ hours but sit on an airplane, right?

You will hear from us next from China. It may be 36 to 48 hours from now before we can post again.

The Ogle family


raabw said...

I've thought about where you are and how you're holding up all day. I wonder if Paul William knows his Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother are on their way to him. Kathie B. told me her computer crashed and she doesn't have a way to keep up with you, but I'll keep her posted. It's only the beginning!!


markandbuffi said...

Hey Guys!
We're so excited for you and cannot wait to follow your journey. We look forward to your first post. Have a great evening!

Kathie Borths said...

Mary Louise, Greg and Greg - how was your flight? LOONNNGGGG? I rembember well! Hope it has been safe and without incident so far. Mary Louise - how did you do????
You all have been on our minds and in our prayers constantly. You have so much support and love from your friends and family here anxiously awaiting to hear from you and hang on every word!

Much love!
The Borths family