Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hello from Wuhan

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted everyone to know we are now in Wuhan. We arrived today, Saturday June 16, 12 noon local time. Our guide Lifeng met us at the dock and arranged transfer to the hotel. This afternoon we are just relaxing in the hotel by enjoying a real shower for the first time in 5 days. Our first illness hit yesterday and it hit me. Bad sinus infection aggravated by the worst pollution in the world. We had heard it was bad but had no idea how bad until we saw it, smelled it, and tasted it.

The trip down the Yangtze was amazing. We started in Chongqing. I take back everything I said about the "little" town of Beijing. Beijing only has a population of 12 million. Chongqing is now over 33 million!

The 3 Gorges were spectacular. Some of the most amazing scenery on the planet. We had dinner in the third step of the five step ship locks as the boat locked through.

We toured the ghost village at Fengdu, rode the pea pod boats up and down Shennong stream, and toured the 3 Gorges dam project.

We are now at the White Rose Hotel in Wuhan.

We are experiencing computer trouble. Hopefully I will have everything resolved in the next few hours and will be able to post some pictures.

We are now less than 48 hours to meeting Paul William. That is scheduled to happen Monday June 18 at 9 am local time. That would be 8 pm Sunday June 17 in Alabama.

We are sightseeing tomorrow around Wuhan for a couple of hours and the rest of the day is a "down" day to prepare for Monday. Hopefully I will get the computer problem fixed and post some photos. I have only taken about 1500 so far. No kidding. 1500! Everywhere you look there is something amazing to photograph.

More later . . . .


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