Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our second full day at home

Well we finally got our luggage yesterday at 5:30 pm. We are so thankful it made it. We were really worried we would never see it again.

We were still pretty exhausted yesterday. Mary Louise got a few hours sleep Thursday night and got up and relieved me about 3:00 am. I tried to sleep but managed only 2 or 3 hours. Last night Mary Louise stayed up with him. They both eventually fell asleep on the couch. Today we all feel better and are up and at it with clean clothes and showers. We gave him his 3rd bath since we got him. Bathing him gives new meaning to the old cliche, "I have to wash my cat". It finally feels good to be here.

FengFeng is a typical 3 year old. He is exploring everything in the house and testing us to see what he can and can't get into. Overall he does pretty well. He has a STRONG will and when he makes his mind up about something he is very determined. We hope he holds onto that trait. It will serve him well in the future. He seems comfortable being here and being with us. He still wants sweets all the time and we are working on that. The sleep issues will take some time but we will eventually work that out as well.

We have never been so glad to be in our little house in Decatur.

More later . . .

Big Greg


Green, Party of Four said...

Im so glad that you guys are home and finally getting some rest. We loved following your journey and it brought so many wonderful memories to us again. Sorry about Northwest....thank goodness, we didnt experience that with them.

I cant wait to see that precious Paul William. Dont worry....Ms. Lily Grace is Strong will too! Please let us know if you need anything. We cant wait to see you guys.

Green Party of Four

Russ & Lisa W. said...

We can't wait to see photos of Paul William in his new home!!
We are SO GLAD you are all home safe and sound!

Love, Russ & Lisa

DeEtte said...

Welcome Home!! Sorry the getting home part was such an ordeal! ouch! Hope you all get some sleep soon.
DeEtte (with a strong-willed Wuhan girl!)