Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday at home

Sunday wasn't too bad. Paul William was in a pretty good mood just very tired. He finally crashed on the couch at 4 pm and slept till 2 am. He woke up for about 30 minutes and then went back to sleep till 8 am this morning (Monday). I think the lack of sleep and rest finally caught up to him. Mary Louise and I were able to get a little rest also. He woke up in a good mood this morning. He was laughing and playing.

Mary Louise is at home with him by herself today for the first time. I am back at work for a while at least. We both are still feeling the effects of jet lag and lack of sleep, but things are improving.

I will try to post some new photos tonight when I get home from work.

More later . . .

Big Greg


Monica said...

Hey! So glad to hear things are going well. We are having some sleep "issues" here, too. Can't wait to see you all again! Give that sweet boy a hug from us. Love, Your Travel Buddies-The Carters

raabw said...

Sleeping until 8 am sounds good. Maybe Paul William is getting on Decatur time. Wouldn't that be wonderful??? I'm sure you're jealous that Mary Louise gets him all to herself. You two are great--keep it up!


Russ & Lisa W. said...

Glad to hear you are getting some sleep. Looking forward to those photo's!!!