Monday, June 11, 2007

Food for Thought

Our second day in China was amazing. First stop today was at the jade market where we learned the basics of jade, how to tell if it is real, what type the jade is, and special characteristics of different types of jade. Then we spent a nice bundle on some neat little jade family balls and pendants. We (and by we I mean Greg Jr.) walked to the top of the Great Wall of China, a long steep climb but well worth the effort. We then had a nice lunch at a Chinese Souvenir Shop, before heading out towards our next and best outing of the day. Rick-Shaws!!!!!!!!!!!Lifeng took us to downtown Beijing where we got to ride in the rick-shaws. We also visited a real Beijing household, kindergarten, and Free Market. We really got a good closeup to Chinese culture but it also let us see how impovershed some parts of the city are. After our Rick-Shaw ride, with our 50 Cent listening tour guide, we went to a Chinese theatre and saw the Chinese Acrobats. They are absolutely amazing!! For supper we had a nice big American Style (pepperoni and cheese) pizza from Pizza Hut. Day 2 was pretty good altogether but I can not wait to get out of Beijing because i am tired of the dreary grey smog clouded skies. Tomorrow we go to the SUmmer Palace and the Yangtze River Cruise. I can't wait!! Greg Jr.

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raabw said...

Ben asks me every day if you've been to the Great Wall of China. I can finally tell him "yes" today! I bet you have some amazing pictures too. How ironic that you got to visit a kindergarten. How does it compare to your classroom, Mary Louise? I am enjoying the blog so much. Just think, at this time next week, you will have Paul William with you!!!

Love and prayers,