Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goodbye China

Where do you start the beginning of the end? Or is this the end of the beginning?

Today we had a late start to the day after another hard night of not wanting to go to bed. Other than not wanting to go to bed or sleep, Paul William is a very happy little boy. He loves to laugh and play. Especially with his new big brother. After finally waking up and having a little breakfast we left the hotel and explored Shamian island where the hotel is located. To our friends who told us while we were in Wuhan to hang on that things are better once you get to Guangzhou, thanks, you were right. Things here have been much better and the adjustment has become smoother.

This afternoon we made the trip to the US Consulate Guangzhou. After having our identities checked we were given a brief talk and then took a short oath. We then picked up James Paul William's US immigration documents and his Chinese passport with US Visa. This marked the end of the "paperchase". All that is left is flying home tomorrow.

When we returned to the hotel we met up with our friends from Athens, the Carters. Above is the customary "Red Couch" photo of two sets of proud parents with their new children Lily Mei and James Paul William. It's been great to have friends here to share this experience with.

The "Red Thread" is now unraveled. We followed it through a maze of paperwork, waiting, and then half way around the world to an amazing place called China. We have seen and done things we never dreamed of. We have walked in Tian A Mein Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. We have walked on the Great Wall. We cruised through the 3 Gorges, and locked through the new 3 gorges dam project. We rode in "Pea Pod" boats, visited the "Ghost City" and strolled through the Chinese Herbal Medicine market. We have met and encountered an amazing nation of people. The Chinese are hard working, resilient, kind and open. We had a Chinese woman, a total stranger, that we shared an elevator with, say "Sweet boy, you do nice thing", then pat "Baba" on the shoulder. They know the children that are adopted will have a much better future than they would otherwise. They seem to appreciate what the adoptive families are doing and don't seem judgemental. For that we are thankful. But more than anything else we've done here, we have met a wonderful little guy named Wu JinFeng. What a personality! Strong willed, smart, and a great sense of humor.

Today in a little gift shop one of the sales girls began talking to him. After he said something to her she asked him to repeat it. She then looked at Baba with a suprised expression on her face and said, "He told me he wants to talk like his Baba." We can't wait for that to happen.


When we first came to China, I was so overwhelmed at how big it all was-the country, the culture, what we were doing. I started to have doubts about taking a child away from his culture, his heritage. I had thought about it before but being here really drove home how ancient this land is, the culture, the uniqueness of the people. It was all so different. The longer I traveled in the country, the more I found that we had much in common. Also, the more I learned about the life that my child would lead here, the more I realized God really did send him to us. We are more than ready to bring home this wonderful little boy and have everyone meet him. Be prepared for a little whirlwind!

Mary Louise


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

That was beautiful! I know you will return home changed after all you have done and seen...

We can't wait to see you at the airport tomorrow! Praying for a safe and happy flight home.


raabw said...

This entry to your blog is my absolute favorite one. This special little boy has hardly begun to know what a wonderful life you will provide for him. It is obvious that he is attaching himself to each of you. He has not known the privilege of two parents before and to have a big brother as caring as I know Greg is will be phenomenal to him (not to mention his extended family and friends)! What started as an e-mail plea has resulted in heaven on Earth for so many of us. God is SO good!

I can't tell you how much I admire the Ogle family for meeting this challenge. We expect no less than a whirlwind from an Ogle!!!

Love and prayers for a safe trip HOME,


dkmba said...

ML and Greg - your posts touched my heart to the core as I just read them. China is an amazing country and how wonderful all that you will be able to share in the future with Paul William. GOD has truly blessed your family and made this incredible journey possible.
We are so very very happy for all of you and want you to know that you have much support from many friends and family. I am here for you in you want to laugh, cry or just talk. I am not going to tell you that things will be easy in the next few days or even weeks, but I promise they do get better with time and prayer.

Looking at the clock you are boarding your plane halfway across the world to begin your journey home. GODSPEED to all of you - we cant wait to see you!

Much love!

markandbuffi said...

What a precious post!!! It is so wonderful to hear all the steps that Paul William is making to draw closer to your family. Also, Mary Louise, your comment really touched me. Thank you for sharing your heart!! We're praying for you!

alison said...

Tears are falling...... You are right,China is an amazing country full of beautiful people. Thank you for sharing your jounery to the special little boy.