Sunday, June 17, 2007

T-Minus 14 Hours and counting

We waited 14 months for tomorrow to finally arrive. These last 14 hours may be the longest of the entire wait.

We've done all we can do now. We will finally do what we set out to do last year tomorrow morning at 9:30. Are we anxious? Sure. Are we nervous? Definitely. Are we excited? Absolutely. Are we prepared? Who knows?

We can't help but wonder what he's doing tonight. Packing? Probably not. We don't think he has anything to pack. They tell us we get him with the clothes on his back and maybe the few personal items we sent him. Not much packing required. Saying goodbye to everyone he's ever known? We doubt it. We don't think he can comprehend the fact that he will most likely never see the people and children he knows again.

What We do know is that tomorrow morning around 9:30 am he will be handed to 3 strange looking people he's never seen before. Will he be frightened? Definitely. Will he be sad? Absolutely. Will he cry for his friends and everything he knows in his life? We're sure he will. Will he get over it and become a member of our family? With time, yes. Will we have the patience to give him time to grieve? Yes. Will we be there for him when he's sad? Yes.

In your excitement for our family please remember that there's a 3 year old that's about to have his life turned upside down. It's time for us to change gears from the excitement of finally bringing James Paul William into our family and get down to the business of caring for a 3 year old that needs a lot of love and understanding. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for the next few hours, days, weeks, and months. He has a tough road ahead. We think we're ready to show him the way.

The Ogle family


barnesva said...

JPWO may not have any idea what's happening to him, but he will learn in time that he's a very lucky little boy. Just be sure not to smother him when you finally get your hands on him! You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, stl

raabw said...

So many people are thinking and praying for all four of you. James Paul William will be surrounded with so much love and attention. God will provide whatever he needs to make the adjustment and help him celebrate his new life. You are all on my mind constantly especially today and tomorrow!!


dkmba said...

You are so right, all of this excitement has truly turned into reality, no one knows what this little boy is going to go through.
His life is going to completely be turned upside down in ways that we dont even think about. He may feel as if he is being abandoned again, he has no clue this is all good - this is what GOD has in his master plan for JAMES PAUL WILLIAM.
He will only know that these people look strange to him, not familar like they looked in the foster home and orphanage. They smell different, and talk different, and yes, even dress different. We will pray for him that he adjusts, it may not be right away but he will adjust. I remember too well how it was with both Meg and Nikolas, yes they grieved, both in different ways, and it was absolutely heartwrenching watching them sob their silent tears. If only you as their parent now could make them understand that you love them and will never leave them, but they have no clue, it will come in time.

We hope and pray that your first uniting will be as smooth and special as it can possibly be. If only he knew how long you have waited and prayed for this day to come.


Much love!

Paige Betterton said...

I remember my sleepless night! We will absolutely be praying for peace and wisdom to know what to do and when to do it! Hang in there! We can wait to see him in your arms! We will be up waiting!
P.S. Your hotel may have a stroller you can borrow if you need one.


April said...

This post touched my heart because I understand exactly what you mean! Everybody's world is about to change, but it is such a change for the better. Paul William's life will be so blessed with you. There's no way he can comprehend that right now, but I've seen it in our own family. What a difference a forever family makes!
The journey is just beginning, and some days will be easier than others. But what an amazing thing to make such a difference in the life of a child. Our prayers are with all of you!
~April Betterton