Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yet Another Trip to the Civil Affairs Office

For the third time this week we went back to the Civil Affairs Office. The first day to pick him up. By the way, the orphanage director brought him there that day. ( He is also on our video.)The second day to do all the paperwork and again, today, to pick up his Chinese passport. We can finally leave Wuhan! Our plane is this evening about 5:30. Before we go to the airport we are going to the spot where he was abandoned. I think it is a gate by a hospital. The Baofeng Police then took him to the orphanage after he left the hospital. He stayed at the orphanage until he was 10 days old and then went to his foster family where he stayed until only 2 days before we met him on Monday. (Our previous information was incorrect.)
He slept all night again last night and woke up pretty happy and hungry! Our helpful Chinese waitress met us at the breakfast table with not one, but two, lollipops. I think that is what everyone needs to start their day, don't you? BTW, by the time we left the table he had 3 of them!! We are anxious to go on to Guangzhou and finish the final paperwork and head back home. He is very active and we want to get to our toys and yard!
Mary Louise


Russ & Lisa W. said...

Sorry we haven't left any post yet, But I get up FIRST THING EVERY MORNING and look for your next post!! lol Sounds like you all are having a GRAND OLE TIME!! Russ and I can not wait till it's our turn!! When do you get to see your Friend that was here?? We miss you. Can't wait to see you all next week!

Love Lisa & Russ

markandbuffi said...

Mary Louise,
Don't you just LOVE it when people offer candy to your kids?!?!? Especially a 3 year old boy!!! Oh well, it's just for now..and just to help the adjustment. I can't wait to hear your advice on Wuhan. Hopefully we'll be going soon! Enjoy your last day there. We Look forward to your posts in Guangzhou.

DeEtte said...

Congratulations on Paul William! He is precious!! And I had to laugh at your note aobut the lollipops. Seems every time we turned around in Wuhan, someone was trying to give my daughter a lollipop! too funny.
Enjoy Guangzhou and the rest of your trip!