Saturday, June 09, 2007

What day is it? What time is it?

Hello everyone. We just wanted to make a short post to let everyone back home know that we are in China. For the first time we are now in the same country as Paul William.

Travel was uneventful. Flights were slightly delayed in Huntsville and Detroit due to the weather in the midwest yesterday. We had virtually no time between flights to catch our breath. It was basically go from one plane to the next and take off again.

We didn't get out of Huntsville until 11 am Friday. We arrived in Beijing tonight (Saturday June 9) at 9:35 pm only 10 minutes later than scheduled. No problems getting through the airport and meeting up with LiFeng (our facilitator/guide from Cradle of Hope). 30 minute drive through Beijing to our hotel, the Traders Hotel in the downtown business center of Beijing.

Greg Jr. and I had to order room service after 24 hours of airline food. Sorry to say our first meal in China was a burger with fries and club sandwich with fries. We will start the culinary adventures tomorrow. Tonight was just a matter of something in our stomachs to collapse in bed with. Mary Louise opted for a more direct approach: a shower and bed in short order. We are all near exhaustion but exhilarated to be here.

We are up and at it at 6 am. After a quick breakfast we meet LiFeng for a full day of sightseeing.

We will post again later tomorrow. We will try to post a picture or two.

Question for the computer literate that might read this. Any idea why I can't access this blog directly from here in China? I am having to remotely use my office computer back in Huntsville to access and post.

That's all for now. Sleep is not calling to me, it's screaming at me.

More later . . .



Monica said...

Ogles!! So glad you made it OK. Have a great day! We can't wait to see you Guangzhou!!!

Russ & Lisa W. said...

We are so glad you made it safe and sound. Have lots of fun and we look forward to seeing those photo's!! Get your rest when ever you can, you'll need it, I'm sure!!
We are counting the days till you and the Carters make it home with your new little ones!!

Love, Lisa & Russ

DeEtte said...

Hi. I adopted a little girl from Wuhan 1 year ago. Here's my "take' on the blog (though not very computer savy myself). Some places in China have blogspot blocked. In Wuhan, I was able to post directly to my blog, but not actually see the blog. I couldn't read comments or anything like that. That was in the White Rose Hotel. In Guangzhou, I no problems posting or reading - it was all fine (White Swan Hotel). Hope that helps a little. Enjoy your time in Beijing and have fun in Wuhan. I loved it there! Congratulations on your new son!
DeEtte Currie

raabw said...

Awesome! I'm so proud of you, Mary Louise. You made it! Dale got Kathie's computer running, but she has been unable to send you her comments. She says she is so excited and sends you her love. We are going to work out something for her computer yet!