Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slow day in China

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all who have emailed and left comments on our blog. We have really enjoyed reading them.

Not much to report today. We made a short trip to the Civil Affairs office this morning to complete the adoption paperwork. It only took about an hour. Other than that we've just been hanging out in our hotel room getting to know one another. We took Paul William down to the hotel restraunt for breakfast and lunch today. It went very well. All in all the transition continues to be pretty smooth. Generally he's a happy boy. Every now and then something we do will set him off for a few minutes but he usually gets over it pretty quickly.

We are going to the store to buy a few supplies later and then dinner here at the hotel and that's pretty much it for the day. Tomorrow we visit the orphanage.

Thank you,

the Ogle family


dkmba said...

It sounds like Paul William is bonding very very well. We thought it was amazing that he was playing and laughing within a few hours? And then him falling to sleep in ML's arms is wonderful!
We pray that things will continue to go as smoothly as they have been. Has he not regressed at all when you take him outside and he sees other chinese people that look so familiar to him? We had our problems going back to the civil affairs office when they saw the directors and aunties. You certainly are doing something right! No actually - he knows he is just where he is supposed to be.

Send pics if you get a chance! Anne and I must have both looked at the pics at least a dozen times yesterday! The pics with ML and Paul William are priceless!

Nikolas didnt like it when he saw Paul William with HIS (being Nikolas) Mrs Ogle - too cute. Benjamin is absolutely glued to the website as I am and cant get enough.

Much love!

This Charming Mom said...

Congratulations, Mary Louse and family! You're little one is absolutely adorable!!! I'm really enjoying your blog and reading about Wuhan! I can't wait until we get there in August to bring home our son.
all the best,

raabw said...

I am in awe of how smoothly the transition seems to be going according to your blog accounts. God has a way of sending who we need into our lives when we need them. Once again, He has not let us down. We continue to pray that this exciting family time will be peaceful and full of love for all four of you. We're counting down the days until you can show Paul William your side of the world and his wonderful, new home. Take care of each other.


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Don't forget we are ALL here in the USA waiting for pictures...lots and lots!!!

I put the one of Paul William smiling sooooooo big on the homepage of the Decatur FCC for all to see!!! How bout a family of four picture for the home page hint hint!!! LOL!

Can't wait to see him in person!