Monday, June 11, 2007

Day three begins

Tuesday, June 12 2007, 6:00 am local time Beijing

We have another big day today. (I guess they all will be big days.) This morning we check out of our hotel in Beijing. We have been staying at the Traders Hotel in downtown Beijing.

A while back I saw on TV that one third of the construction cranes in the world are in the country of Dubai. We've found the other two thirds. They are all right here in Beijing. Everything about this city is immense. That's the best adjective I can come up with. Someone needs to invent a new one to describe the scale of things here in Beijing. In fact, maybe in the future we should just use the word Bejing as the adjective as in; "Today astronomers discovered a large new galaxy. They described it as "Beijing". ;)

Everything about this city is "Beijing", the population, the number of bicycles, the physical size. Construction. Construction is going on everywhere. Beijing is the largest construction site on earth right now. China consumes 50% of the concrete supply on earth and a large percentage of the steel supply. Much of the growth is preparation for the 2008 Olympics.

There is a new hotel going up across the street from our hotel. The work goes on 24/7. It looks like they are up to about the 50th floor with no sign of slowing down. Space is so limited that they have blocked one lane of the two lane street in front of our hotel so that the trucks bringing in the structural steel can stop to unload. And unload they do. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A few blocks away they are building a new headquarters for the Chinese television company. There are two towers rising at angles toward one another. It's the most amazing thing. They look as thought they will topple over at any second. Eventually they will be connected at the top. At night there are showers of red hot metal falling from the torches of the workers and the white hot flash from welders. Through the dense smog layer you have the surreal glow from the flood lights high in the upper reaches of the building and it gives the sensation of some post apocalyptic beast rising from the ruins of Armageddon.

Today we visit the Summer Palace and then depart Beijing on a 4:30 flight to Chongqing. We will be on the Yangtze river until noon Saturday when we arrive in Wuhan. I don't think we will have internet access until we reach Wuhan so this is likely to be our last post until then.

So far everything has gone as well we could have dreamed of. We are having the time of our lives and each day brings us closer to our new son.

Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing our "Beijing" journey.

"Big Greg"


Paige Betterton said...

Hey Mary Louise! We remember with great joy all the things you are talking about! It just seems like yesterday that we were there! I miss it immensely! We are praying for you all and can't wait to hear about your river cruise after you get to Wuhan! Take care!

Brandon, Paige, and Grace Betterton

Pam said...

Greg, MLBO and Greg,

I cannot post on the blog. I guess you need an account number and I can’t figure out how to get one. :>( I sent this to your e-mail but then I did figure it out.
I am so excited for you! This is the first chance I have gotten to look at this website. The picture of the 3 of you in China made me cry. I cannot believe you are finally there and will be bringing Paul William home soon. I'm sure is doesn't seem real to you until you get to see him. Take care, have fun, you're in my prayers and much love!

cgina26860 said...

Hey Ogle Family!!

Wow...what an experience. Mary Louise--I admire your tenacity and courage because I feel the same way that you do about flying. Greg Jr., I can't believe that that is you in the pictures...I have not seen you in so long--you are truly becoming a young man! Greg Sr.--and to all three of you--wonderful writing! Very descriptive and great reading. Wishing you all the best and God's speed. Will be checking in to see how things are going. Good luck!

Gina Ceci

raabw said...

Your description of Beijing sounds just like the description of Shanghai Ralph gave when he was there three years ago. It was at this same time of year too. I hope the boat trip allows you some time to relax and enjoy yourselves. I bet you are counting the hours until you see Paul William! I wonder if his foster family talks to him about his new Mommy and Daddy. Please let them know that there are so many people in Alabama who are thankful for them and the care they have given Paul William.

Update us on all the details. It seems like weeks since we've heard from you!!