Monday, June 18, 2007

We Meet Wu JinFeng

After some early morning jitters, we made it to the breakfast buffet where several other adoptive families had also arrived. We left a little early for our 9:30 appointment ( about 8:45.) We were the first family at the Civil Affairs Office but there were several little girls already there. They were calmly walking around in their squeaky shoes. ( This was the calm before the storm). By the time Wu JinFeng arrived, some of the babies had figured out what was going on so there was some noise and commotion already in progress. He walked in smiling and confident to this room full of people. He looked just like his pictures ( I had had this fear that he would have changed beyond recognition and I would not know him, silly I know.) We were at the far end of the room and had to wind our way through other families to get to him. Of course, we didn't take our eyes off him as we did this. As soon as he spotted us, there was a look of ( Greg (son)wants me to say pure terror at this point) however, it was recognition, he definitely knew our faces. His face fell, he started to cry and actually tried to leave the room. They had definitely been showing our pictures to him and telling him what was to happen. I just don't believe he thought it would be today. We didn't spend too much more time there and Greg had to carry him out to our car. It really was pitiful but we knew it would probably be like that. Our ride back to the hotel had him in high volume but when we got out he calmed a bit. I carried him to the elevator and into the room. I took him as far from the door as I could (having read other families blogs about what their children did) however, he was able to find his way back to it so he could kick the door and scream occasionally. Blessedly, this did not last very long. I put out a few small toys in different parts of the room so he could find them as he walked around. We were soon playing with him and the toys. We started to get a few smiles, then some interaction from him with all three of us, then laughter. He played very hard all day, refused to eat real food, is scared of the potty, and is sleeping right now. We expect him to wake up with a vengeance. I'm sure he will not be happy that he is still here and not back where he wants to be. However, we have made a good start, I think. He did fall asleep in my arms, while he played he would "read" his books and he was saying all kinds of Chinese but interspersed we could hear him say "mama, baba(daddy) and ge ge(big brother). He would also get his little photo album we had sent him and point to our pictures and say the same things. More later.
Mary Louise


raabw said...

He is beautiful!! It sounds like the actual transition wasn't too rough for him. The smiles in the pictures tell the whole story--both on Paul William and on Mary Louise! I know he is the most beautiful sight of your trip. Enjoy him and welcome to the Ogle family, Paul William.


P. S. Greg, Sr. I remember the first time you showed us the CD pictures of Paul William, you asked if we could see his resemblance to you. I see it now!

alison said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! He is a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR BLESSING! We will keep you in our prayers as you guys are bonding! He really has the BEST smile!!!

Can't wait to read more and more!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful account of Paul William becoming part of your family. Family of FOUR!!!


anna said...

What a beautiful little boy! I am so happy for all of you, can't wait to see you. Love, Anna

K & D said...

Congrats on your new son!! He is just adorable and it looks like the first day went very well indeed. Best wishes that he will continue to adjust and begin to attach to your family.

Green, Party of Four said...

Praise God.......Paul William is with his forever family. Just look at the smile.....priceless! We are so happy for you and cant wait to see you back at home in Alabama. We are praying for your during the trip.

Love you all!
Green Party of Four

Anonymous said...

I didnt know you blogging until last night when John showed me, which happened to be about 20 minutes before you met Paul William, but you had been in my thoughts.

I can't express how happy I am for you. Congratulations. have a great rest of the trip. And let us know when youre getting home so we can come visit.

markandbuffi said...

Thank you for your posts. We've been out of town and couldn't wait to see what all is happening with you guys. Paul William is SO precious. I know each day will get easier. He does have a wonderful smile. We can't wait to read each day about every new stride he makes. We're thinking about you guys and keeping you in our prayers.
p.s. what do you think overall of Wuhan? Any pointers for us when we're there?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ~ I am soooo happy for you all! The smiles tell it all. I will continue to pray for the 4 of you. Congratulations and much love to you and your new son! i can't wait to see you and Paul William (of course when you tell me it's OK)... i love you all ~ Theresa