Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 4

We did make it to the zoo today. After the last two days of rain and being cooped up in the hotel, I thought it would be a great outing. He has been grieving pretty hard and hates being in the room. Our hotel has a little playground outside, probably because of all the adoptive families who stay here, but we haven't really been able to use it because of the weather. So off to the zoo and hopefully to see a Panda. As we got closer to our destination, he became very agitated and finally through our guide we realized we were near his foster family's house. He must have frequently gone to the zoo. There was one spot in particular he became upset and kept looking for his foster family. It didn't turn out quite as I expected,however, he calmed on the way home and we had a good afternoon and evening. We are all looking forward to leaving tomorrow to go to Guanzhou.
When he is happy, he is very, very happy. He loves to play with the inflatable ball we brought. His first day he played with our deck of cards, and I told him they were Grandma's cards so he started saying "Grandma" when we get them out. He is sitting in GeGe's lap going to sleep right now and I guess it is poetic justice but he sucks his thumb. He is still Baba's boy and he likes to tell me to "go on", I just tell him to go on back and laugh at him. He has terrible table manners and Greg keeps saying he eats like a pig. He hated the bubbles I brought-at first. Now, we have to hide them. He truly hates water so we will really have to work to get him over it because we all love it so much.
I didn't know how ready I would be to come home after we picked him up on Monday but I am very ready!! Believe it or not, I even found myself saying "we can do that next time we come."
Mary Louise


raabw said...

You are learning so much every day about your new son. Looking for his foster family at the zoo just shows how smart he is and more importantly, that he can love and remember important people. I'm sure Grandma is smiling proudly that Paul William can already say her name!

These last few days, even with some difficulties, show this lucky little boy what loving and concerned family members he has. The best is still to come! We want you home as much as you want to be here or more!

I printed out a few of the pictures you've posted and brought them up to school. Everyone was so excited. I had to leave for an appointment before they stopped so we could talk about your trip!

Did you get to see the pandas? I'm a panda lover myself.


markandbuffi said...

Mary Louise,
Thanks for your post. That's wild that the zoo is near his foster home. WOW! I never thought about that. We'll have to think about that with Sadie too! She's in foster care there. He sounds like a typical 3 year old boy. I have one at home now, and he tells me to "go on" too. So, don't's a typical stage. He'll change his tune very soon!!! We're thinking about you guys every day! We always look forward to your posts. Enjoy the rest of your stay!