Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fong Fong by Jen-Chieh

We have met many wonderful people on this amazing journey to bring Paul William into our lives. One of them is named Michael (Jen-Chieh). Michael is Chinese and lives in Taiwan. While Michael was visiting a friend named Ben here in Decatur we had the priviledge of meeting Michael. Michael and Ben followed the story of our adoption of Paul William on our blog and wanted to meet Paul William. They have visited us in our home on a couple of occasions and we look forward to doing so again.

We recently received an email from Ben with a photo attached. Below is a copy of the email and below that is the photo.

Dear Greg and Mary Louise,

Michael has sent me a photo of a painting he has made and I am attaching it to this note.

He asked me to tell you that he wanted the painting to say what he could not say with words. His heart was touched by the great love that you showed by taking an Asian boy.

Some aspects of the painting will be clear to you, but some will probably benefit from a little explanation. The animal at the bottom is a Chi Ling. This is a mythical beast with the head of a lion, the legs and feet of an elephant, etc. He is a bringer of good fortune and, in particular, he brings Chinese babies just as we say the stork does.

In the background are two young men operating a "dragon" show for Chinese New Year. The one at the left holds a pole and there is a globe at the end (which cannot be seen here.) This is the magical Dragon Ball that the dragon chases but never catches. At the right you can see part of the second man who has a pole to support the dragon. Both wear a cloth cap with its ends tied in a bow tie.

This background is done in the schematic way a stencil would show the scene.

At the lower right are the Chinese characters Fong Fong.

Michael commented that he extended the mother's arms to emphasize her love as she holds her child.

Here and there are bits of color to add interest and balance to the picture which is, of course, not intended to be realistic. The overlapping lines - a kind of transparency - are a technique sometimes used in a particular modern Chinese art school.

Michael hopes you enjoy the picture.

With best regards from him and from me,


©Copyright 2008 Jen-Chieh

©2008 This photograph may not be reproduced by any means electronic or otherwise. All rights reserved.


We were very moved and touched by this wonderful gesture.

The Ogles


Russ & Lisa W. said...

WOW!!! How Nice. What a BEAUTIFUL gesture! To honor you and Paul William this way is awesome! Have a great week. We will see you soon.

Love, Lisa & Russ

The Princess's Mommy said...

How beautiful! What a special friend to do this for Paul William...amazing!

Carla said...

Just GORGEOUS! what a great honor.